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The Best Invoice Software for Landscaping Businesses Looking to Streamline Billing

Whether you run a simple lawn care business or a full-fledged landscaping operation, it can oftentimes feel like you’re spending as much time creating invoices, chasing down payments, and reconciling accounts receivable as you are actually performing services.

What if we told you that you didn’t need to waste your time or energy handling these processes, though, and that you could leverage technology to get paid faster while creating a better experience for your customers? You just need the best landscape billing software!

A billing automation software saves you time and stress while getting you paid faster. You can automatically send out invoices to clients and schedule follow-up reminders that fire off automatically. You can even set up recurring payments for weekly lawn care services. 

Anytime you get paid, the software will sync over to your accounting software so that you enjoy crystal-clear financial insight for your business. 

We’ll introduce you to the best invoice software for landscaping businesses below, InvoiceSherpa. Our system is like having a full-time accounts receivable employee for just $49/month - and you can get started with a 14-day free trial today! 

Learn how our AR automation software can transform your landscaping company for the better.

Why You Need the Best Landscape Billing Software

First, what is AR automation software and why does your landscaping operation need it? This is a type of technology that essentially removes you or a member of your team from much of the invoice generation and management process.

It facilitates automatic invoice generation that aligns precisely with the services provided, reducing the likelihood of billing errors that can delay payments. 

This speeds up the payment cycle to enhance cash flow - a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy business, especially in industries like landscaping where seasonal fluctuations can impact revenue. Learn more about why cash flow management is important in our blog.

The best accounts receivable automation software can also offer you better insights into the financial health of your business, whether it’s tracking unpaid invoices or forecasting accounts receivable. This will support better budget management and financial planning.

But perhaps most importantly, high-quality software can improve customer satisfaction. So many lawn care businesses are using dated invoicing solutions and forcing customers to jump through hoops to pay - no wonder they struggle with uncollectible accounts receivables.

By giving your customers a way to pay online with the click of a button - or better yet, set up a recurring payment for weekly or bi-weekly lawn care services - you get paid faster and they don’t have to lift a finger. Everyone wins!

You can learn more about the benefits of accounts receivable automation in our blog if you’d like. For now, let’s talk about what separates the best landscape invoice software from the rest.

What Separates the Best Invoice Software for Landscaping Businesses From the Rest?

Just as with choosing an attorney invoicing software or plumbing billing software, there are quite a few different features you need to consider. 

Think about the specific needs of your landscaping business and where you’re currently struggling from an invoicing and AR perspective. 

Are you wasting time sending clients invoices every month when you could just set up recurring payments? Or, are you looking to automatically reconciles accounts receivable over into your accounting software once an invoice is paid?

Whatever the case, there is a solution for you - but in general, here’s what you should look for in the best invoice software for landscaping businesses.

Recurring Payments

You may have one-off jobs that necessitate custom invoice generation for each project. But lawn care businesses in particular more or less provide the same service every time at the same price. Why would you keep making a client manually pay over and over again?

This is not only a poor user experience for them, but it’s costing you time and resources as well. This is why recurring payments are non-negotiable in the best landscape invoice software. It will automatically send invoices on a consistent schedule without manual input. 

Scheduled Reminders

There are few things as frustrating as chasing down payments, except for having to do it manually via written emails or phone calls. That’s why your software should feature scheduled reminders that automatically notify clients about upcoming and overdue payments. 

This not only reduces the administrative burden of manually tracking each invoice but also speeds up the payment process. An overdue payment reminder email will be sent out on the schedule of your choosing, complete with invoice late fees tacked on.

Customization Capabilities

Who said automation meant boilerplate invoices without any branding or character? The best invoice software for landscaping businesses facilitates effortless customization, from how you collect payments to the actual verbiage on your invoices. 

This creates a cohesive experience for your customers and adds an aspect of professionalism to your business. You can even customize your invoice late payment fee wording to make sure it aligns with your brand voice.

Integration Compatibility

Integration with other business management tools like CRM systems, accounting software, and project management platforms is another essential feature to look for in your software.
This compatibility ensures seamless data flow across systems, minimizing errors and providing a comprehensive overview of business operations. 

You should be able to sync with your accounting software, be it Quickbooks, Clio, or Xero. Other integrations you may want include payment processors like PayPal or This will ensure that when an invoice is paid it automatically reconciles into your bookkeeping system.

User Friendliness

You don’t have the time or energy to learn the ins and outs of a complex interface. After all, you’re interested in the best landscape invoice software to make your life easier, not complicate things!

An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard will help you harness the full potential of any invoicing software without needing to spend hours combing through support docs or getting training. 

It should be easy for your customers to use, too - for example, InvoiceSherpa offers clients their own custom portal to view and pay all invoices!

Value for the Money

A major benefit of choosing automation over accounts receivable outsourcing is the affordability it offers. You can essentially get a full-time AR employee for less than $50/month, whereas accounts receivable management services can cost thousands of dollars.

However, you should avoid choosing a software solution based on cost alone. You typically get what you pay for, and your financial management is not an area to cut corners.

That’s why we encourage you to consider value for the money instead. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the cheapest option, but it offers a suite of features that justify the investment. 

It should deliver tangible benefits in terms of time savings, accuracy, and financial management, ultimately supporting the business’s growth and profitability. That being said, let’s get into the best automated invoice processing software for landscapers below.

Introducing the Best Landscape Invoice Software in 2024

While there is clearly a lot that goes into choosing the best invoice software for landscaping businesses, you never have to stress about how to bill lawn care customers again. InvoiceSherpa is the #1 choice for landscapers across the entire industry.

Get Paid Faster Without the Need for Manual Follow Ups

Our solution helps you get paid faster by automating the entire accounts receivable process. It tracks each receivable from the date of creation to the due date and until it’s paid, reducing the invoice lifecycle. 

This eliminates the need for follow-up emails or calls, allowing landscaping businesses to focus on their core operations. 

Should follow-ups be necessary, don’t worry - InvoiceSherpa handles that too. You can schedule out the specific reminders you want to send out and even customize them, complete with late fees tacked on. 

You can send these via email, SMS, or both, reducing your day's sales outstanding by as much as 20%.

Set Up Automatic Recurring Payments

Landscaping businesses that offer regular maintenance or subscription-based services can set up recurring charges, too. This removes the need for an administrator or accountant to follow up on these invoices, saving time and increasing efficiency. Your clients will love this feature too.

Customers Get Their Own Portal

Speaking of the client, they’ll have access to their own personal dashboard where they can view past and current invoices and pay directly. 

Payment methods vary from credit card to ACH. Major payment processors supported include Chase Paymentech, Elavon, First Data Merchant Services, Global Payments, Heartland Payment Systems, and more.

Sync With Your Accounting Software

Our software also integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Clio. This means all payments, both inbound and outbound, are automatically booked into your accounting system against the appropriate invoice, bill, or customer.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics features allow you to monitor KPIs such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), past due receivables, and real-time payment statuses. 

These insights enable you to make informed business decisions and improve your overall financial management, from budgeting for investments to forecasting cash flow issues.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Whether you’re a sole proprietor cutting lawns or running a massive landscaping chain, we have a flexible pricing plan that suits your needs. 

The Sole Proprietor plan starts at $41 per month for up to 100 open invoices, the Small Business plan is $83 per month for 101-500 open invoices, and the Enterprise plan is $166 per month for unlimited open invoices. 

All plans include custom scripting and scheduling, as well as payment and accounting software integration. The best part? You can get started risk-free with a 14-day trial - no credit card is necessary.

It Takes Just a Few Clicks

Getting started with InvoiceSherpa is as straightforward as it gets. We offer one-click synchronization with your accounting software which will bring in all invoices and customer data.

From there, you can simply automate key AR processes - like initial invoice generation and sending, overdue payment reminders, automated payments, and more. Everything automatically reconciles in your accounting software when a client pays - you don’t have to lift a finger!

If necessary, the implementation process can be guided by a team of experts who ensure your transition to automated billing is smooth and hassle-free. Continuous support and training are available to help you make the most of all the features we have to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Put the stress and inefficiency of manual invoicing processes in the past for good. The best landscape billing software is a few clicks away!

Get Started With the Best Invoice Software for Landscaping Businesses Today!

Streamlining your billing processes with the best landscape invoice software can save time, reduce errors, and improve cash flow for your business. It’s about spending less time thinking about or working on your accounts receivable process so you can spend more time focusing on the business itself.

InvoiceSherpa is the best invoice software for landscaping businesses with features like automated invoice generation, custom reminders, and seamless payment integrations. These benefits make it easier for you to manage finances and ensure timely payments.

For more help streamlining your financial management, find accounting tips and tricks in our blog. We have resources on calculating accounts receivable, unbilled accounts receivable, demand for payment letter, sending an invoice to collections, and more.

But now that you know how to automate accounts receivable for your landscaping business, what are you waiting for? Experience the efficiency and convenience of InvoiceSherpa and transform your billing operations today!

Posted on June 5, 2024

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