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QuickBooks Harmony - How to send manual invoice reminders

The new QuickBooks Harmony brings a lot of nifty changes to QuickBooks Online. While you may not yet have switched to QBO yet, we are here to tell you that's the wave of the future so our goal is to get you ready for the day you switch so you know exactly how to accomplish all the same great AR tasks in Harmony that you currently do in either the old version of QBO or the offline version.

So today lets look at how Harmony lets you manage your AR manually. When you first log into the system you will see the above dashboard. You can see that it does a few things to highlight who owes you money and who's behind:

  1. The invoice bar chart will give you a heads up on how much money you have in which stage of the invoicing process. Open invoices are yellow, green are paid, and red are past due.
  2. On the right side they have a past due invoice list that breaks out individual invoices that are past due and lets you know it's time to follow up. Personally we think waiting to follow up on an invoice until after it's past due is a little late, but that's just us.

So now that we actually know who owes money and who's past due how do we send them reminders exactly? If you click on one of the invoices or better yet click on the "Customers" link in the left menu you will arrive at the customer dashboard, see below.

The customer dashboard has a nifty list of the customers who are behind on their invoices right out front, almost like they thought this might be important to customers, hint hint. Next to each customer there is a handy "Send Reminder" button that you can use to send them an e-mail reminder. If you click this button the below pop will appear.

As you can see it's easy to change the stock e-mail text and subject lines, although the format outside of that is not customizable that we can find. We honestly have no idea what the reminders really look like when they get sent out, but we imagine they probably look a lot like the invoice e-mails themselves which look like this:

Keeping track of the reminders you've sent

So now that you've sent the reminder where in the world you can get a record of this escapes us. It might be because we are just working with a test account as our QuickBooks account hasn't been upgraded, but we can't find where they tell you that you've sent a reminder to a client. We assume it would appear under the customer detail where their is a history of other actions taken for that customer, which I suppose would make the most sense.

Pros and Cons

When looking at this new system we think it's a huge step up from the old one, but it really just makes it easy to package up the invoice into an e-mail and send it. Really what a lot of people do by themselves today, so in this sense it's a win because it makes this manual process easier.

We still think there's big room for a solution like ours that automates this process end to end and takes the manual labor out of the equation, but if you're managing a small number of invoices and need a simple way to send out late invoice reminders via e-mail this is for sure your ticket.

Now go out there and get paid!

Posted on January 31, 2014

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