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QuickBooks Getting Paid Faster Part 2

We're on a mission to get you paid faster in QuickBooks and as a result we can't help ourselves when we come across more great ways to do this. So today lets talk about a technique that can be a huge time saver and a great way to drive not only faster payment from your customer, but a lot more love when it comes to customer service.

The Invoice Confirmation Reminder Call

Okay sounds big and scary I know, but really what we're saying is when you send an invoice to your customer, you should call them to make sure that they not only received the invoice they are also good with any questions or concerns that they might have about it. So what are we trying to accomplish here:

  1. Make the customer happy, they know we care and want to make sure we got everything right.
  2. Make ourselves happy, an accepted invoice sets the stage for on time payment without hassle later on.

Why bother?

Sure it's a lot of work, we understand, but if you do work for your customer and subsequently send over a QuickBooks invoice they have a question or concern about it's really a disaster waiting to happen, because all the while you assume you're getting paid on X date and really you're not!

That's because when the invoice finally goes past due or you do end up contacting your client you'll quickly find that their is some kind of issue. It could be something large like a disagreement over the project deliverable, but most likely it will likely be something really small that can be quickly resolved. Either way these issues will stand between you and getting paid so they need to be addressed.

When do I call?

The best time to call is a few days after the QuickBooks invoice has been sent (if by-email) or a little longer is you send them in the mail. This gives your customer time to look the invoice over, consult with internal stakeholders, and come up with any issues they might have. Call too soon and you might not get anything more than "Got it", which is helpful, but really doesn't let you be sure that the customer really has the invoice AND is happy with it.

Isn't this a little over the top, kind of like pestering?

Heavens no! The reality is that this is more than just a selfish maneuver to get paid faster, in reality it falls far more on the side of good customer service than anything. This call is more about making sure your customer is happy with the work, doesn't have questions or concerns about it far more than it is a demand for payment.

In fact it's not a demand for payment at all nor a QuickBooks invoice reminder, it's anything but. We suggest you give this a try and we think you will be floored at the positive response that your customers give you, when was the last time anyone called to make sure you were happy after they sent you a bill?

It just doesn't happen and that's because there is an assumption that they did the work and now you gotta pay. And while it's true that when someone does something for you, payment will most likely occur, it's far more impactful when that person calls you to make sure you first and foremost are happy with their work and they don't  just call you when you're past due.

Final note

We consider this a great way to prepare your customer later on and to make you top of mind when it comes to them. Everyone is busy, but people who stand out from the crowd by doing unexpected positive things also tend to benefit from these, for example next time your customer needs a whatever-it-is-that-you-do, they might remember how nice you are and decide why in the world would I do business with someone who isn't nearly as nice as you?

So go on, give those QuickBooks invoiced customers a jingle and ask them "Is everything okay with the work that we did, do you have any questions or concerns on the invoice?", we know you'll be happy you did!

Posted on January 27, 2014

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