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New Feature: Individual Reminder Review

Well hazaa! Today is your day. We have this feature live and in the wild. Let's talk about what it does and how it can help you manage your accounts receivable better.

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Granular Review

Sometimes you have clients who have been with you a while or you know are good for the money and while you don't mind sending them emails to say thank you for your payment, you don't want to harass them about items that are outstanding. This new feature lets you do just that.

How It Works

Everyday you will get the same daily review email telling you which emails will go out on your behalf and for what invoices. But unlike the usual automatic sending of those reminders regardless you will now have the ability to login and actually determine which ones you want to send and which ones you don't want to send.

Who Asked for This Feature?

We have a lot of bookkeepers and accountants who manage their clients accounts and as a result want to be very careful what gets sent to whom, we added this feature at their request to help them provide greater certainty when managing their client's accounts receivable.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We know that not every client you have is the same and some people just really like the idea of being able to double-check everything before it goes out, we understand this and that's why we added the ability to control which accounts receivable reminder goes out before it's automatically sent by the system.

Next time you want to automate your accounts receivable and drive greater cash flow for your business try out InvoiceSherpa and if you're concerned about what the system sends out to whom you now have another great tool in your side to make sure we only remind the right clients at the right times.

Posted on January 21, 2014

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