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Make your accounts receivable process more efficient

One of the biggest challenges with any accounts receivable process is keeping consistent when following up with clients who are outstanding. Most organizations do this with a collection of spreadsheets and cross referencing notes on invoices. It's a cumbersome process that relies generally on the memory of a few people to keep track of what invoice is in what stage of the process. The ultimate problem is it's too expensive and too cumbersome to manage any process this way, especially one that is as important as accounts receivable management.

Enter Accounts Receivable Automation

We created InvoiceSherpa specifically to solve just this issue. By combining both automated and CRM tools together into one package we've created the ultimate collections tool for business small and large.

The Automation

By automatically sending before, after, & thank you notes to your customers about their invoices we already do what most accounts receivable departments can't. We start working with the client before their invoice is due to make sure they have everything they need and their are no outstanding questions on their invoices. These type of questions are one of the root causes of invoices remaining outstanding past the due date of the invoice.

By automatically syncing with your invoicing package you don't have to lift a finger, we know who's paid, who's behind, and who needs immediate follow up. We can truly automate the whole process and quickly turn a headache into relief.

The Invoice CRM

Sometimes you just want to get in their and do some follow up  yourself, but what about those awesome spreadsheets and memo invoice notes? Well no more! Our invoice CRM allows you to work alongside the automation or even do everything manually keeping great notes of where each invoice stands and needs to be followed up on later and what the customer said they would do and when with that invoice.

Next time your customer calls you have ready access to the latest information on the invoice and can quickly get up to speed on what was discussed last time you talked. This information at your finger tips is invaluable when it comes to quickly addressing invoice issues and getting payments closed out.

Use these features to help make your accounts receivable process faster and more efficient. Remember many businesses go bankrupt simply because they fail to manage their cash flow. We built this tool to keep a watchful eye on your receivables, i.e. the money people owe that you need to expand your business. Use InvoiceSherpa to make sure your business has the maximum amount of funds to grow and be successful!

Posted on January 21, 2014

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