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Posted on January 15, 2021

Product Update Improved Engine New UI & Major Invoice Reminders UpgradeThe average SMB collects more than $17,000 per month in receivables using InvoiceSherpa’s automated invoice reminders. This critical piece of technology is what enables your customers to take action and pay what they owe with a few clicks. And today, its most significant upgrade yet is going live.

Reminders have so far done an incredible job at driving consistent value for our customers.

Today, it only takes an average of 2.5 InvoiceSherpa reminders to collect a payment using vs. more than 7 if done manually. 

Despite this excellent performance and the ROI it enables, using reminders was a tedious and sometimes confusing experience.

From managing time zones to ensuring the correct message is sent to the right segment, there were several improvements the team wanted to make Reminders to make them more useful to you.

This is why we’re excited to announce a big upgrade for Invoice Reminders, and along with it, a slew of major improvements to the way invoice reminders work, promising a more straightforward, effective and profitable experience setting up InvoiceSherpa campaigns.

Peek 2020-12-12 12-44

1. Introducing a new Reminder Engine we rebuilt from the ground up for a more reliable message delivery experience

New comprehensive scheduling rules that offer you greater predictability and transparency when creating payment reminder flows. We've fixed bugs that caused scheduling conflicts and have much better support for long SMS reminders now.

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2. Introducing a new Template Editor layout that is simpler and more natural to use, with improvements to the WYSIWYD, preview and drag and drop

We've prepared a new layout and style that’s simpler and fits more comfortably in your screen. You'll find yourself scrolling less and without the need to navigate to other pages to get the information you need.

There is now a separation between Templates and Reminder flows that allows the same template to be reutilized in different flows, or copied and modified. This removes the need for you to copy-paste the same template many times and is consistent with what modern mailing applications are doing, which makes it intuitive for anyone familiar with marketing automation platforms..

We're also releasing a brand new WYSIWYG editor:
  • Embedded preview
  • Variable Drag and drop functionality now displays variables as blocks, instead of editable-text-tags (More secure and user friendly)

The team has Improved colour picker used for styling and branding reminders. It is now possible to change the background and text colours separately for your header, body, and footer. Future improvements will further expand the your ability to manipulate the styling of your reminders in new and innovative ways.

Peek 2020-12-22 17-23

3. Introducing a new Reminder Editor interface that is more intuitive, making it easier to know which reminders are being sent to which customer groups

The new reminder editor interface makes it more intuitive to create user flows in a single, unified location. We've released new user interface elements to select groups ensure the right template is sent to the right customer group.

These improvements will rapidly accelerate the time it takes to create templates and flows, but also reduce any confusion you might have as you manage communications across different customer segments and groups.


4. Introducing a new Manual Reminders form designed to simplify one-off reminders you want to send without having to leave InvoiceSherpa.

Many customers requested the ability to send one-off reminders directly from InvoiceSherpa.

That's why we're releasing a new form allows you to send out a given reminder template or a manual message one a one-off basis.

This is especially useful if you're on the phone with your client and want to send some relevant/updated information their way to inspire them to take action.

Peek 2020-12-13 23-48

5. Improved settings for greater clarity on effect of settings, default values and options available to modify.

A new settings layout was prepared to produce greater clarity on the effects of each setting. We've simplified options available to you and provide better default values. You'll spend less time wondering what settings do and spend more time working on your business — rather than inside of it.

6. Improved Reminders Schedule with a new table view with filters that make it easy to slice and dice through your customers

We've separated scheduled reminders from reminder flows (the logic to schedule reminders) into different views.

Reminders are displayed in a new table view with filters to facilitate the slicing and dicing of the data, as well as simplifying discoverability of specific reminders (a much requested feature).

Peek 2021-01-06 14-10

7. A brand new user interface that makes it easier to schedule and customize reminders, as well as to view your past and future reminders

InvoiceSherpa's sporting some new layouts and styles that are more modern and responsive. As well, new navigation components (tabs, sub-tabs, and accordions) are being introduced to organize related information and remove clutter


All in all, the latest improvements to InvoiceSherpa have elevated its A/R solution to new heights, allowing to to start creating stronger workflows with less time and more efficiency.

That's part of our promise to you, and we're happy to continue making good on it on future product releases!