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How do the system work?

  1. After integrating with Harvest we automatically pull your invoices from your account and analyze them to see which ones are in what stage of the payment cycle.
  2. Based on their status and a custom schedule you define we automatically schedule reminders to go out to those customers.
  3. When a scheduled action comes up the system send an automated e-mail, text, or phone call to the client as them to pay their late invoice.
  4. They can choose to pay the invoice from the reminder directly or through whatever payment methods you accept.
  5. One the invoice is marked as paid in Harvest the system automatically deletes an existing reminders so your client doesn't get any undeserved reminders.

By integrating InvoiceSherpa and Harvest you can quickly start collecting invoices that are owed to you and your business. Even businesses with low days sales outstanding who get paid on time spend time running the accounts receivable process and InvoiceSherpa can automate that process saving any business time and money.

Always remember to say thank you

InvoiceSherpa doesn't have to be used to just remind clients who are behind you can use it to proactively notify clients when invoices are created. Sending a friendly notice when a new invoice is created is not only helpful to your clients it also encourages them to pay sooner and many will. Shortening your receivables time means more money in the bank for your business.

You can also use the system to say thank you when a customer does pay, they not only get a great receipt to know they've paid, but they feel appreciated and know you value their business. Saying thank you and showing appreciation isn't just something your mom taught you, it really works. A great study by the folks at Freshbooks showed a 5% increase in payments when companies included thank you somewhere on their invoice.

When you're ready to get started just click one of our well placed orange buttons to connect your Harvest account with InvoiceSherpa in a few clicks!

Posted on December 18, 2013

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