Posted on November 26, 2013

After many years of watching invoices go out and payments come back later and later we decided enough is enough, it’s time to change the way the world works. Businesses of all sizes suffer from the same problem, their clients, even the great and well meaning ones are constantly late to pay invoices and this can quickly hurt any businesses ability to grow.

Our goal at InvoiceSherpa is to change all that by automating your entire accounts receivable process. From the time you cut the invoice until the time you get paid we’re on the job making sure everything goes well. So how do we accomplish this?

  • Automated e-mail reminders to customers when an invoice is created, when it goes past due, and when it’s paid (to say thanks!).
  • Real live person phone calls from our in house AR specialists who call your clients on your behalf to discuss outstanding invoices.
  • Integrated payment links in every reminder, we make it easy for you to collect from your customers.

But I use Xero, Quickbooks, Harvest, etc to invoice my customers how does that all work? Glad you asked, we integrate and how. We seamlessly allow you to connect your invoicing system or accounting software to InvoiceSherpa to get access to your accounts receivable data. We don’t change any of the data and sync it every 30 minutes to make sure we have the most recent information.

Based on the invoice data we then schedule reminders for the customers you designate on a schedule you create. From their it’s pretty much automatic, we become your crack accounts receivable team and stay on top of every invoice until it gets paid.

Our value proposition to you is simple, getting paid on time means you have more cash in your bank account and you can use that grow your business. Accounts receivable is a time consuming and painful process, we take away the pain and automate the entire cycle so you no longer have to chase down late clients who you would rather spend time helping than harassing.

Are you a collections agency? We are not a collections agency, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your internal accounts receivable team, we’re really the step before a collections agency or small claims attorney. But we will work with you to move any invoices from our system to a collections agency or attorney, including providing them with all the data they need to help move your invoice to the next stage. But our goal is to make sure you never get their, but we’ve got you covered if you ever do.

We make it easy by integrating with your existing accounting platform and pulling your data automatically. You set the schedule, you set the rules, and we take care of the rest. We know we can lower your days sales outstanding and put more cash in your bank account. And we even offer a free trial, so give us a test drive today and start growing your business!