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Announcing our Integration with LessAccounting!

Get ready to do more with less, LessAccounting that is, sorry I couldn't help myself. A while ago I read a great article from the good folks at Less about how bootstrappers can compete against their better funded rivals and it really spoke to me. As a bootstrapped company ourselves we're always on the look out to find great ways to connect with customers and talk about the value we believe we have to offer . It also just so happens that LessAccounting is also a great integration partner as well.

Our goal is simple, get you paid faster. From the time the invoice is cut to the time it's paid we stay on it making sure your clients get the right notice at the right time and we lower the average number of days your invoices are outstanding.

We're able to help all of the good users of LessAccounting automate their accounts receivable just like we do for many other accounting and invoicing applications. Hate following up on past due invoices? Need an automatic way to say 'thank you' to your good customers who pay on time? We've got you covered. Send out:

We completely automate and eliminate your accounts receivable process.

How does it work?

We connect to your LessAccounting account and using read only get a list of your unpaid invoices and the contacts associated with those. From there you create a schedule of all of the reminders you want to send and we simply follow that schedule:

Your customers will get a range of nice looking e-mail reminders that you customize with your logo and text that will let them know at each stage of the invoice, pre-due and past-due, exactly where they stand and what they need to do (pay you of course!).

We also integrate with payment providers, like Stripe, to allow customers to pay directly from the invoice reminder so they don't have to even remember where to go to pay that invoice, they can simple click the link and pay right there. This makes it easy to collect from customers as it gives them a direct link that requires nothing special besides a credit card to pay their bill.

The power of a thank you!

Sometimes we can get caught up in the frustration and difficulty of dealing with late or non-paying clients and can lose sight of all of the good folks who make our lives easy and always pay on time. That's why the system is setup by default to send out thank you e-mails to all customers when they pay. We think a little kindness goes a long way and that's why we set it up this way. When was the last time anyone thanked you for paying a bill on time?

We hope all of the LessAccounting users will be as excited with our product as our other great customers and we're excited to add them to our list of integrations. And if you haven't checked out LessAccounting and need a simple and easy way to handle your books check them out here: lessaccounting, your accountant will thank you!

Posted on February 6, 2014

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