Accounts Receivable

Automate your accounts receivable process, from the time the
invoice is created to the time payment is collected.

Custom Scheduled Reminders
via Email and SMS

The key to staying on top of your invoices and accounts receivable is letting customers know the current status of their invoices. InvoiceSherpa allows you to easily automate the entire process and will send out reminders when:

  • An invoice is created

  • The invoice is past due

  • A due date is coming up

  • A thank you when payment has been received

We developed our software to seamlessly integrate into your business needs. All of these items can be scheduled at different intervals throughout the invoicing process and can be tailored to different customer groups, with a unique template that you customize with your own branding.


Integrated Payments

  • Credit Cards

  • ACH/eCheck

Integrate with your current payment processing solution in minutes. We easily allow you to collect payments, in real time, from the email or text reminder sent out by our system.

When a payment is collected you will be alerted and a payment will be posted directly to the invoice in your accounting software so there’s no need to double enter.

Never delay

Customer Portal

With a few clicks we can create a custom portal that allows your customers to view, pay, and ask questions about all of their invoices:

  • View all of their invoices

  • Get a complete overview

  • Set up your customers with payment plans

  • Collect invoice payments

Our customer portal allows your customers to view, pay, and enroll in automatic payments and enable automatic payments for future invoices.


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Automatic Late Fee

Automatic Late Fee

Apply a customized and automatic late fee to all past due invoices.

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