Posted on January 2, 2014
Not getting paid fast enough, on time, ever? (yikes!). Lets see if we can make this problem go away. First lets go over the standard ideas on why people don't get paid. Often it can come down to expectations up front. How much will the service cost, when will you invoice, how soon do you expect payment, etc. So we'll make that our first item. 1. Set clear up front expectations When you're first starting to work with a client or talking about your exciting services and the awesome things you can do for your client it's hard to think [...]
Posted on December 18, 2013
Harvest is one the best ways to get your business paid faster, it make it easy to invoice customers and manage your small business finances. We were ultra excited when they let us add our automated invoice reminders to their already awesome service. Through the Harvest Add-Ons Marketplace Harvest users can now easily add InvoiceSherpa to their existing Harvest account. With this integration you can quickly: Automate your accounts receivable. Follow up on late invoices. Say thank you to customer who pay. Let clients know when they have an invoice ready. How do the system work? After integrating with Harvest [...]
Posted on December 18, 2013
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400"] We're now a certified Xero Add On![/caption] We have very exciting news, we're now officially part of the Xero Add-Ons marketplace. With this addition we begin our journey to help businesses collect the money they're due and automate the accounts receivable process. If you're a Xero customer it's as easy as a few clicks to add InvoiceSherpa to your Xero installation and be off and running. By using the integration you can easily achieve a few goals: Automate invoice follow up, no more phone calls, e-mails, or spreadsheets to track outstanding debt. Collect payment from your [...]
Posted on November 26, 2013
After many years of watching invoices go out and payments come back later and later we decided enough is enough, it's time to change the way the world works. Businesses of all sizes suffer from the same problem, their clients, even the great and well meaning ones are constantly late to pay invoices and this can quickly hurt any businesses ability to grow. Our goal at InvoiceSherpa is to change all that by automating your entire accounts receivable process. From the time you cut the invoice until the time you get paid we're on the job making sure everything goes [...]