Posted on January 23, 2014
As a business it's important to always watch your cash flow. It's the way you not only pay your bills, it's also the way you grow and sustain your enterprise. Get too low on cash and you can't pay your bills, danger Will Robinson, danger! Have too much of it around (not likely I know) and you could simply be underfunding your business and holding back on growth for your business. It's this care balance that is really the magic of cash flow. But how exactly does this dance work and where do invoices get involved? Think of the invoice [...]
Posted on January 22, 2014
  Your business's cash flow is the life blood of your business. You need it to survive and thrive. Every small business ends up having the same problem and it's not always an easy one. In fact one of the biggest reasons businesses go out of business is from a simple lack of cash flow. That doesn't mean they don't sell their products, it simply means that between selling and paying for the raw materials or labor the product requires the owner can't make the bills and has to close up shop. We put together these tips to keep you [...]
Posted on January 21, 2014
Every business owner needs to know their cash flow inside and out. It can make or break a small business. But really when thinking about cash flow the main event is accounts receivable. While kind of a big term, it comes down to the simple idea that customers owe you money for the awesome product or service you sold/did for them and they need to pay for it. As soon as you send them an invoice your customers are in the accounts receivable process. From that moment until they pay you, they are outstanding and we need to make sure [...]
Posted on January 21, 2014
Ever use InvoiceSherpa and think man it would sure be nice if you could schedule all the reminders for me and then I could actually approve or deny which ones actually go out? Well hazaa! Today is your day. We have this feature live and in the wild. Lets talk about what it does and how it can help you manage your accounts receivable better. Granular Review Sometimes you have clients who have been with you a while or you know are good for the money and while you don't mind sending them emails to say thank you for your [...]
Posted on January 21, 2014
One of the biggest challenges with any accounts receivable process is keeping consistent when following up with clients who are outstanding. Most organizations do this with a collection of spreadsheets and cross referencing notes on invoices. It's a cumbersome process that relies generally on the memory of a few people to keep track of what invoice is in what stage of the process. The ultimate problem is it's too expensive and too cumbersome to manage any process this way, especially one that is as important as accounts receivable management. Enter Accounts Receivable Automation We created InvoiceSherpa specifically to solve just [...]