Posted on January 25, 2014


How’s your accounts receivable lately? Late paying customers, past due invoices, high days sales outstanding, oh my! But how did we get here and what can be done to fix it? Most businesses don’t end up running into difficulty because they don’t provide a good service or no one likes their product. Most of the time it’s just that delicate balance between invoices outstanding and bills coming due. We call this cash flow.

I know you’ve heard this from your accountant many times, but what does it really mean? It just means if you’ve billed your customers and they take too long to pay or don’t pay at all you’re going to have a hard time making your bills let alone growing your business. The problem is most business owners didn’t get into business to manage accounts receivable. Sound familiar?

This process used to take copious amounts and even whole departments of people as you grow. But we believe we’ve found a better way through automation. With InvoiceSherpa we directly connect to your QuickBooks account and analyze your invoices to determine who’s already behind, who’s getting there, and even who’s paid. We combine this will a set of follow up actions including:

  • Automated e-mails
  • Live AR specialist phone calls
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Third party collections and legal

With a schedule you define the system automatically schedules and performs all of these actions in a symphony of cash flow perfection that will turn any lagging accounts into good paying customers. We follow the invoice from the time it’s created all the way through payment making sure your business gets paid on time and has a low days sales outstanding.

Scales as you grow

By integrating directly with QuickBooks we’re able to handle everything from 1 invoice to millions, we built our platform on the most scalable infrastructure on the planet and it can handle any workload you throw at it. We are also able to scale dynamically, so have a heavy invoice load one week and nothing the next we automatically adjust to your work load.

Cost effective

At $1/debtor our costs can’t be beat, when you think about the cost of your time of your staff’s time to handle accounts receivable follow up you can quickly burn through hundred of dollars on invoices that might just not be worth it. And what’s the cost of one lost invoice or even a late invoice? It can be equally as expensive as that’s cash your business either loses forever or ends up loaning out to your customer for free.

Drive more cash flow for your business

Even if you never have a late invoice or delinquent customer we guarantee by simply automating invoice ready, invoice paid, and invoice almost due reminders, all of these happen before an invoice ever becomes past due. We can lower the days sales outstanding for your business, effectively giving you a 13 month of cash in your business. What could you do with an entire extra month of cash in your business?

When you’re ready to shed a difficult task and end up driving higher cash flow for your business by doing it give our QuickBooks integration a try, we know you’ll be happy you did!